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  3. David Foster


    That is SO cool! I was not using it at all, so glad to see it going to good use!!!
  4. J. Massey


    Dude, it was exactly what was needed. You should have seen it before the Roland was there.
  5. J. Massey


    Hadn’t even considered it. Not even sure how to do that. We’ve just been playing Beat Saber and it’s been our first VR experience.
  6. Time Left: 11 months and 14 days

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    I am selling my HP Omen laptop, as I have a new daily driver coming from Alienware. NOTE: Buyer will be responsible for shipping. SPECS: 15" Screen Intel i7-8750H Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 32 GB Ram 1TB SSD (upgraded by me) 2TB Storage Drive (upgraded by me) ORIGINAL AMAZON LISTING: https://amzn.to/2ZOBsC4 This thing runs vMix perfectly. It's actually the laptop that I used to run the live event for Social Media Marketing World last year. I LOVE this laptop, and would not sell it, but the Area51 is like a dream laptop for me, due to it's unique design. I still have the box etc for this laptop. It...


  7. David Foster


    That is a really cool area there!
  8. David Foster


    Going to be doing some VR streaming??
  9. David Foster


    That looks really good!! That Roland is SO big LOL! It is such a cool piece of gear though.
  10. I will try to find it again, and get back with you. I think it is on Netflix though.
  11. An outdoor festival with all the food vendors could be interesting.
  12. Hey David- What's the name of the documentary? I would like to give it a view. I'm a HUGE Disney buff and have an unhealthy obsession with the history of them and and his theme parks, mainly the Haunted Mansion. I've read the history of the HM (The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic) and have been to the park a bunch just to ride the ride.
  13. @Tony Adams I actually love places like those. Hopefully we can toss those into the mix! I really like the idea of the Disney family Museum. I bet that is interesting. I saw a documentary about the family, and they showed that at the end. What an interesting man he was.
  14. Hello- I would like to see you two check out some historic sites in the state of Washington. Ex: Iron Goat Trail, Fort Casey State Park, Whidbey Island. I think it would be cool to show off some of the PNW history. Then again, I am also a HUGE Disney fan and all of the Disney theme parks or the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Thanks, Tony
  15. I've thought about Goby, but not sure how interesting it would actually be - seems like a short ride when you drive under it Thanks - adding to the list!
  16. Have you tried this yet? http://www.gobytram.com/ This looks interesting too: https://explorethepearl.com/event/art-in-the-pearl-festival/
  17. What would you like to see us do IRL? We want to make a big list so we can continue to take you on amazing adventures!
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