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  2. Luria Petrucci

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    Looking good Robert!!!
  3. Robert Arnot

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  4. Robert Arnot

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  5. Robert Arnot

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  6. Robert Arnot

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  7. Robert Arnot

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    • FOR SALE
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    Brief Description 2 Prismatic Spectra 18" RGB Rainbow LED Ring Light. Battery-Power Option Bi-Color Ring Light (2 Batteries, Charger, and 1 phone mount included.) Barely Used 4 months Like New ! $149.00 $149.00 Tax$0.00 Free Shipping Total $298.00


  9. David Foster


    That is SO cool! I was not using it at all, so glad to see it going to good use!!!
  10. J. Massey


    Dude, it was exactly what was needed. You should have seen it before the Roland was there.
  11. J. Massey


    Hadn’t even considered it. Not even sure how to do that. We’ve just been playing Beat Saber and it’s been our first VR experience.
  12. David Foster


    That is a really cool area there!
  13. David Foster


    Going to be doing some VR streaming?? ?
  14. David Foster


    That looks really good!! That Roland is SO big LOL! It is such a cool piece of gear though.
  15. I will try to find it again, and get back with you. I think it is on Netflix though.
  16. An outdoor festival with all the food vendors could be interesting.
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