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… without the Tech Headaches, Fear and Overwhelm!

CRE8 LIVE, THE Community for LIVE Streamers!

Learn. Collaborate. Grow.


Complete LIVE Video Training Program called “LIVE Video Blueprint”, broken up into easy-to-consume Workshops! Training on TECH and STRATEGY!


Weekly LIVE Training Sessions on LIVE Video, YouTube Growth & Audio. Get personal advice. Options for Time Zones around the world + Replays!


Get Support from us and The Community when you need it! Get Encouragement when it gets hard. Celebrate your successes with people who “get it”!


Deals and discounts on gear and services that are exclusive to CRE8 LIVE Members! And Giveaways… the more you participate, the more chances you have to win!


Buy video gear from the Community for less than retail! Sell the gear you’re not using anymore. Buy new gear & get services from Approved Vendors!


Stop getting caught up in the what if's, the how to's and shiny object syndrome! Get ACCOUNTABILITY for sticking to your goals and making progress!

With the Coaching, I found Accountability! I was able to surround myself with people working on the same craft. And when you do that, things start to happen!
Greger Hillman
Hillman Academy
I've been amazed at the knowledge and experience Luria has! When she explained her strategy plan to me, I thought, "that's just so good"! It's very eye opening in terms of how to approach LIVE Video. Beyond her expertise with LIVE, I just can't believe how thoughtful and generous she is as a person! She and her partner, David, have been there for me at every turn and doubt and fear I've had. I'm so thankful to have them by my side!
Amy Porterfield
Top Marketing Strategist & Top Podcast
"Online Marketing Made Easy"


If you’re feeling any of these things…

  • FEAR about going LIVE
  • Overwhelmed by the TECH
  • Worried about being great ON CAMERA
  • Not sure what to even SAY
  • Feeling STUCK trying to grow your audience

… just know that all that is now in the PAST! 

Let’s get you PAST THE FEAR and feeling CONFIDENT!


Look, sometimes the easiest way to make progress is to JUST DO IT! 🤣 You don’t need to get fancy right away.

We’ll SIMPLIFY the TECH so it’s easy to get over the hurdle!

Go LIVE from the PHONE with “Pro Hacks” to make it look better!

Go LIVE from the Computer with a Simple Setup!


Increase the quality of your streams and create Professional LIVE Video!

When your streams LOOK GREAT, you’ll set yourself apart, get INSTANT CREDIBILITY, and establish authority with ease. 

We’ll simplify the Pro Tech & Software so you don’t have to pull your hair out trying to put all the pieces together yourself!

BE YOUniquely YOU!

Forget the BOX!

We want to help you create content that’s YOUniquely You!

You should shine in all that you do… from your content to the way you design your business… so you can attract the audience that’s right for you, and you can have a bigger impact!

So while we offer training and formulas for getting proven results through LIVE Video, we will ALWAYS encourage you to add your YOUnique magic to the mix!

Learn. Collaborate. Grow.

After only 2 weeks of implementing Luria's strategies, we're seeing MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT and GROWTH! Luria is such a great teacher!
Sally Haughey
Fairy Dust Teaching
It's a very "present" sense of Community. You don't get lost in the shuffle. Everyone's challenges are different, but when you listen to each person, you realize how much all the challenges are the same. We all go through similar stages, similar emotions and experiences.
Suzan Czajkowsky




I’m focused on helping you grow your audience & business with LIVE Video through a solid strategy while also having FUN!

I’ve been doing video & LIVE Video for 13 years. I’ve created over 5,000 videos with over 1 Billion views, and built a loyal audience of over 2 million followers. I’ve appeared on CNN, NBC, FOX, NBC, MSNBC, ABC & BBC.

I’ve worked on LIVE Video for top brands like AT&T, Samsung, GoDaddy, and Panasonic.

All that from a shy girl who never wanted to be in front of the camera. I LOVE to share all this knowledge with you at Live Streaming Pros & CRE8 LIVE to help you achieve your goals! If I can do this, you can do it!!!


LIVE VIDEO Technologist

I help you nail down the tech! From LIVE Video gear to software, I’ll simplify it all so you can stress less!

I built a business using video that generated over 1 million dollars in revenue, and built a raving community of customers through being completely authentic… tattoos and all! 

I constantly push the limits of tech so that you don’t have to! I love to play with tech to figure out the BEST gear and setups!

At Live Streaming Pros, I’ve built LIVE Video Studios for Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Donald Miller, Hay House Publishing, and Amy Porterfield. And I’ve helped Sean Cannell, Benji Travis, and more influencers create Professional LIVE Video setups!



I help content creators grow their brands and businesses using YouTube. On my personal channel, I share the tools, resources, and information video creators need to grow your presence online.

I’ve grown my YouTube subscriber base by over 400k subscribers, added 10’s of thousands of targeted readers to my email list, and turned my website into a growing resource for the video making community.

My brother Dee and I host a weekly LIVE stream called Nimmin Live and get 5500 viewers each stream!



I’m the creative director at Music Radio Creative, my international audio production company. Audio production is my life! I’m super passionate about helping you to sound great!

I create videos and do a regular LIVE streaming show with my awesome wife, Izabela. We focus on producing podcasts, cleaning up audio, improving the sound of your voice, creating music, sound design and more.

We also make jingles for radio, DJ’s and podcasters, commercials, audio books, explainer videos, audio design for games and anything in between!


Exclusive training from top experts & Influencers!

We bring in experts from outside the video and LIVE Video space to help you grow your audience and business in other ways!

In these single sessions, you’ll learn about Facebook Ads, Instagram Growth, Podcasting, Membership Sites, Mindset, Business Finances, and lots more! You’ll have access to new sessions held regularly + the entire library of past Expert Interviews!


Become a CRE8OR & Join THE Community for LIVE Streamers!
  • Complete LIVE Video Training Program
  • Weekly LIVE Training Sessions & Coaching
  • Access to Top Experts & Influencers
  • Access to an Exclusive Community
  • Exclusive Deals & Discounts
  • Marketplace to Buy & Sell Gear
If you're serious about taking your LIVE Streams to the next level, I couldn't recommend more highly Luria & David!
Michael Hyatt
Best Selling Author &
Top Marketing Expert
2 years ago, you convinced me that I needed to add a LIVE Video component to my business. After a zillion excuses and procrastinating going LIVE for a year, I'm now creating weekly LIVE Videos and my engagement and conversions have really improved. Thanks for pushing me to get in front of the camera and for all you do!
My machine knitting business grew by 20% last year... woohoo!!
Sue Jalowiec
Knit It Now


Wondering what you’ll learn inside the “LIVE Video Blueprint” Training Workshops?


Step #1: LIVE Streaming Basics

Start with a Solid Foundation that will set you up for SUCCESS!

  • Learn about Internet speed, RTMP vs API connections, Troubleshooting & more.

Step #2: The Gear & Studio Setup

Create Professional LIVE Video with the right gear (from the phone to a pro studio)!

  • LIVE Streaming Computers
  • LIVE Streaming Cameras
  • LIVE Streaming Audio
  • Lighting Your Videos
  • Create a Video Set Background
  • Plan & Layout your Studio

Step #3: LIVE Video Software

Stop being overwhelmed by the software and get setup quickly!

  • Phone Streaming
  • Browser Streaming (Facebook, YouTube, BeLive)
  • Create Graphics for LIVE
  • Mac Software Tutorial (Ecamm)
  • PC Software Tutorial (vMix)

Step #4: Go LIVE

Go LIVE consistently and confidently!

  • Get over the Fear
  • Feel Confident on Camera
  • Your “Show Flow” so you know what to say and do on LIVE!

Step #5: Create a Strategy

A solid Strategy is what will lead to AWESOME content, engagement & sales!

  • Create CONTENT that’s engaging and leads to sales
  • Get ENGAGEMENT & comments
  • PROMOTION Strategies to grow your audience
  • MONETIZATION Strategies to increase revenue
  • Create Engaging Webinars
Luria and David helped me create my biggest money making income stream using LIVE Video!
Joe Colantonio
Test Talks

CRE8 LIVE, THE Community for LIVE Streamers!

Learn. Collaborate. Grow.


Become a CRE8OR now!
  • Complete LIVE Video Training Program
  • Weekly LIVE Training Sessions & Coaching
  • Access to Top Experts & Influencers
  • Access to an Exclusive Community
  • Exclusive Deals & Discounts
  • Marketplace to Buy & Sell Gear

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